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Tackify Resin GXH Series--145#, 146#

145#, 146# are rosin pentaerythritol resin designed for hot-melt adhesive industry, with light color, high Softening Point, high viscosity, good heat stability, etc. It can be used in EVA hot-melt adhesive & hot-melt coating, etc

Quality standard:

Name 145# 146#
Softening Point, °C 94-99 99-107
Luster(Fe-Co Method) 3-5 3-5
Ash(wt), %, ≤ 0.1 0.1


1, Light color.

2, Improve the adhesion of EVA adhesive greatly.

3, Good heat stability, the color change in 180 °C for 8 hr is less than 2

4, Good solubility in various solvents

5, It is compatible with NR, CR, SIS, EVA in any ration


1, Hot-melt binder: EVA adhesive, book binding adhesive, woodworking adhesive, etc..

2, Hot-melt coating.


Remark: referenced only, please make experiment before use.

  • Tackify Resin GXH Series--145#, 146#

  • Tackify Resin GXH Series--145#, 146#

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